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Buy Chronopoly Carts Online, with very good oil quality.  Looking for the ultimate select carts online? Firstly, we have everything for you. So you must browse our site and get ready to have a long lasting experience. However, I would not contact them fake cartridges, given that they are not imitating a legit oil brand. They are merely a style of packaging.


Firstly, this Chronopoly Cart review reminded me of the Dank Vapes review and other black market cartridges I wrote about. Secondly, we are now living in a time where commercializing cannabis has switched over to the black market so they can stand a chance competing against the legal weed products. Futhermore, chronopoly is a rip off of the Monopoly character. This is another THC oil cartridge brand that has no proper license to manufacture.

Chronopoly Carts Reviews – Chronopoly Carts Price

This brand does not provide any evidence that their product is clean from any impurities. But his vape cartridge brand raises many red flags. However, the first red flag was the fact that their packaging is easily available online for sale by people on Chinese market places. But, our carts are of quality.

Chronopoly Cartidge Flavors

Available flavors include;

  • Paris OG
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Orange Creamsicle Gelato
  • Skittles
  • Pineapple Express
  • Dirty Sprite
  • Mimosa
  • Hollywood Haze
  • Cookie Breath

In conclusion, the flavors are designed to pull in customers who do more than just smoke weed and vape hash oil. They have a dirty sprite flavor for an example, which is synonymous with the lean drink rappers like Lil Wayne rap about. This brand is targeting young adults with its pop culture designs on their packaging.